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PowerSex 100 Sachets - 400 Tablets


PowerS´X, better known as PowerSex,  is a supplement with concentrated action that acts with PERIPHERAL VASODILATING PROPERTIES, OFFERING BETTER SEXUAL PERFORMANCE. Highly effective in maintaining strong and long-lasting erections, as well as delaying ejaculation and the refractory time between orgasms.

PowerSex: Improved Fast Acting Formula

WHAT IS IT MADE OF? It is a dietary supplement based on extracts of fruits, plants and amino acids, managing to combine in a unique and exclusive formula, intensifying the virtues of the most recognized aphrodisiac nutrients that favor the production of hormonal factors that act in the body naturally to increase the desire and sensation of sexual pleasure.

This product is considered, by natural medicine, as one of the most effective treatments available, considered the love pill, it has changed the sexual lives of thousands of people, the only product on the market with 100% natural homeopathic and restorative components.

Stress and poor nutrition are almost always hidden behind the lack of sexual desire. Before trying drastic solutions that can affect the health of your heart and saturate your body with unnecessary chemicals, you can try natural alternatives that have been proven effective in fighting  erectile  dysfunction    without generating addiction or other conditions, as well as additional positive effects such as increased sexual desire and vitality in general.


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